Anno 1503 PC Game Review

Anno 1503: The New World (in North America as a 1503 known: The New World) is a game Anno series with both Anno-1503-PC-Game-Review1real-time strategy and city buildings that based developed by the Company in Austria Max Design elements. Revolves around the construction and maintenance of a colony of the 16th century in the New World. It is the sequel to Anno 1602 and Anno its predecessor in 1701, the addon \”Treasures, Monsters and Pirates\” was released in 1503 2004.Anno begins with the player in control of a ship full of people and material in search of an island established. After finding a suitable city construction begins. Resources begin as food and clothing, but progress in the complex and diverse products. Over time, citizens are aristocrats and require at least ten different products and many services, such as access to a large church or a bathhouse. The game is built around a human player and three computers. As 1602, computers are progressive, that is, they go along with human players. The computer players also have adjustable personalities that suits the players before the start of a game. Each different human player or a computer, represented by a color.

Genre : Action
OS : Windows
Language : English
License : Free | Demo
Published By : Sunflowers
Size :163.12 MB

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