Driver 3 Action PC Game

Driver 3 Action PC GameDriver 3 (DRIV3R as stylized) is a 2004 Race, shooting, and Adventure video game. It is the third installment in the Driver series and developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Atari. Driver 3 was released in North America for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox on 21 June 2004 in Europe was officially released on June 25, even if delivered because of the way the Atari titles across the continent, it made its way into the independent retailers UK prior to the publication, also reached the sixth place in the ELSPA chart for this week. It was also developed by Sorrento and released in North America, while published by unique games in Europe; was the game for mobile phones on 23 June 2004. was published on 15 March 2005, it was released on PC for US customers, it was also for Game Boy Advance October 25 2005 release At one point, a Nintendo GameCube version and an N-Gage version was planned, but both were cancelled.Driver 3 brings features of Driver 2 and offers the possibility, motorcycles and boats, weapons use to ride, swim, climb ladders, and enter certain buildings, among other things, the control over a sign, as well as entering and exiting cars.

Vehicles in Driver 3 will be modeled and named at the real life vehicles that behave as such. For example, seem bullet holes when a car shot, vehicles considerable damage when the engine is taken (when the car hit the rear, the trunk of the car is jumping bounce out and start), tires can be shot just take, it leads to pierce and scream very loud, while a vehicle is in motion, and individual pieces of the car may or may be shot after taking damage covered (eg car doors can fall apart.) When the engine is shot several times, smoke will begin to burn out of the car , But when Tanner keeps shooting at them, the engine is to ignite and the car will explode into small pieces. The car can also explode, while Tanner inside and driving. Put objects and obstacles that will get in the way and damaged the car and they are exploding. Vehicles respond very well to the collisions.

  • Genre : Action
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By : Atari
  • Size : 717 MB

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