Soldiers of Anarchy PC Game by Simon and Schuster

Soldiers of AnarchySoldiers of Anarchy is a 2002 squad-based, real-time tactical video game developed by Simon and Schuster.Gameplay release includes squad tactics, vehicles and a variety of weapons and ammo.The Match 2015 will take place in ten years after a deadly artificial virus ( Spontaneous Genome degeneration syndromes) kill billions across the planet. The first protagonists are four soldiers who have the last ten years, spent in a bunker at a Russian military base Kalinina, where they were stationed.

What greets the survivors initially a barren world, populated by sporadic groups of survivors. Each community is self-supporting organization, the trade of the Seeker Guild. Seekers are people who before the disaster (as Old Time called) Devices of destroyed cities, to catch “from Sauer drop tanks”. It is also shown that after the catastrophe Central Society was non-existent, with areas controlled by gangs; apparently, the area was in the base of the group, was the area of ​​the Slingers, a group of thugs and thieves who have begun to grasp, and to kidnap people lately.

After securing the loyalty of a Seeker, the group took control of a nearby town and its radar station, intercepted improving their facilities with weapons. They stopped a further kidnapping and blew the Slinger base near, securing vital intelligence. The purpose of the hijacking was clear: the slingers were traded human lives. A large slave market was in New Boston, which wiped out the group and the slaves freed removed. They also paid a little visit in Slinger headquarters nearby, killing their leader and permanently paralyze their operations and narrowly avoiding that in the crossfire of a gang war between the jaws and the last revolution, descendants of the Mafia and the Russian prisoner military.

  • Genre : Shooting
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By : Simon & Schuster
  • Size : 160.56 MB

Soldiers of Anarchy PC Game


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